Restoration Trilogy

It all started with a dream ...

"Restoration: Book 1 - Malak"

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Strange dreams start to plague Malak, the lead scientist of a utopic settlement, that has thrived for almost a millennium. As many prepare to celebrate that thousand-year milestone, the distance from their present to their past threatens to strain the very fabric of their colony, now turned into a mature civilization.

When a society has been made perfect, can it be made more perfect? When life has progressed well beyond mere subsistence, will folks continue to believe that it is just about mere survival? For people long conditioned to work for the sake of the colony, what happens when everything that can be done has been done, and now is coming undone?

Can this colony hold itself together until the day of the Millennial Celebration? Or will it destabilize into irreparable chaos? And who could ever pick up all the pieces to restore things to the way they once were?

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"Restoration: Book 2 - Ari"

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(SPOLER ALERT) ... When Malak, the lead scientist and mentor of the Nationals home world, is suspiciously murdered, it is up to his best friend and bonding pair, Ari, to not only carry on his legacy, but the legacy of those who Malak has mentored … even if the costs is her very own life.

Meanwhile, all is not well on Ari's home world. War is brewing. The Leadership in power is obsessed with an invasion from the stars above. Despite offers of peace from these supposedly peaceful aliens known as the Elect, the Leadership prepares for the worst, as the ominous arrival of the Elect looms.

To make matters worse, resource shortages and civil unrest plague all the districts around the planet, as people embrace fear over the original principles that once guided the Nationals in becoming a strong people. Can they still Survive and Flourish, Innovate and Invent, Grow and Evolve? Or does everything have to get much worse before it can get any better?

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"Restoration: Book 3 - Eli"

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(SPOLER ALERT) ... Having arrived on the Nationals home world, Eli sets about to restore peace and tranquility, while judging the actions of those that sought to harm the inhabitants of the National's home world. Even so, Eli, the mysterious Elect originally sent to Ari and Malak, is asked for an accounting of his past by Hope, the daughter of Ari and Malak.

What secrets could Eli be hiding? What revelation does he hold in his hands, and is he willing to bring to light what has been shrouded in darkness for a thousand years? Does young Hope even know what she is asking?

Still again, another colonial settlement is in trouble, and this time Ari and Malak are sent to intervene. Why is it that some civilizations choose life and others simply choose death? Can they save a civilization that is wrought with utter conflict and division? Or will the colony be wiped away into the oceans, forever purged from existence?

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"Truth & Existence: The Ongoing Ludicrous Saga of Man"


People are always so busy, and there is just so much stimulation. Who has time to just sit around and read? Who has time to do much of anything? Sometimes it is nice to simply ponder. With social media, how do you present ideas that are large enough to chew, but not so much so that your audience chokes? It’s a fine line, a balancing act. I have already said too much!

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"Modern Midrashim: Book 1 - Creation to Fall of First Temple"

In the Beginning:

Adam opened his eyes. He looked around, just taking in everything. “Creation,” he said to himself. “Beautiful,” he murmured as he looked at tight rows of flowers of many shapes and colors. His attention was stolen to a part of the row of flowers that was moving. Somehow, only Abba would know, Adam sensed that they should not be moving because there was no … I think “wind” is the word. Adam took a step closer. Suddenly, a head popped out and looked at him. Adam burst out into laughter, “My friend!” he cried, “So cute you are!” Happy tears began to stream down his face, “you MUST be a bunny,” he said out loud to … to … to … nobody. Suddenly, Adam felt … he felt – Adam didn’t know the word to describe what he was feeling. Adam turned to find Abba. Abba would know what to do. After explaining everything to Abba, Abba simply smiled. “Adam, it’s ok. You are lonely. No, Adam, it is not good. You rest now. When you wake, you will not feel lonely anymore.” When Adam finally awoke, she was there…

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"Modern Midrashim: Book 2 - Second Temple to the Messiah"

The End of the Beginning:

The dust and sand painfully chaffed at her belly and thighs with every step her animal took. Sand and dust was everywhere. Of course it was always everywhere; they lived in Israel! Only the dust and the sand outnumbered the rocks, if they could be counted! Myriam opened her eyes and they moved to the kippah sitting on the top of Yosef’s head, as he walked, holding her animal’s lead. Myriam had insisted that she could walk, but of course, Yosef had insisted that it would be better for her to ride. As her body rocked silently on the donkey, thoughts would wander through Myriam’s mind. She thought about the sacrifice Yosef made for truth and Hashem, even though it cost him everything – friends, work opportunities, social standing. She thought about how Yosef had changed his position after his dream. And, of course, she thought of how Yosef loved truth and how he loved Hashem more than life itself. Yosef even told Mariam once that outside of truth and Hashem, there was no life…

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